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Flavoured Coffee

We have in house a blissful Strawberry coffee and Red Velvet Cupcake, or any blend you want. All natural flavoring which the roasted bean absorbs right after they roast in barrels filled with these liquids and elixirs of true essence to complete the flavor process. No...

Tesane Tea

Tesanes started in France as a personal signature fragrance for a young adolescent girl. That essence was for her…now it’s popular to drink warm Tesane tea-like drinks. Each Tesane is made of combinations of fruits, rooibos, and various particular...

Tippy China Yunnan

Tippy China Yunnan Tea Yunnan is the birth place of Tea. South West in China, south of the Clouds. Yunnan tea is golden slender tipped leaves. Traditional for morning or early afternoon. A full taste with a slightly smoky finish. ENJOY!


Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, has been exporting excellent coffee beans similar to a great Kenya. It is a wet-processed growing region with medium sized farms mainly from the Chipinge region near Mozambique. A truly complex body of winey and berry. The best small...

Tip of Andes

This coffee is hand sorted. Grown in the highest altitudes of the Andes, it’s extremely rich in flavor, mellowness, and aroma with a very low acidic level. It’s truly respected by connoisseurs.

Bourbon Coffee Beans

Bourbon is a botanical variety of coffee arabica–Bourbon first appeared on the island of BOURBON, now REUNION, Some of the best Latin American coffees are from Bourbon stock….

Aged Sumatra

The Sumatra bean goes through a sweating process and then the green is roasted to a perfect blonde or Vienna roast. Thus the Sumatran coffees are best from the Mandeling region. They are low in acid and topped with a syrup undertone hinting of chocolate. Sumatra beans...

Maragogipe Bean

A very large bean, MARAGOGIPE, is called an Elephant Bean. Latin American in origin, this bean has a low acidity woody earthy taste. Most of these beans are origin from Guatemala. however the best are from Chiapas MEXICO. Though the hybrid grown on El Salvador is...

Ethiopian Coffee

Did you know that Coffee from YEMEN is quickly at risk of dwindling due to what is called QAT PRODUCTION, However there are small farms that produce YWMEN MOCHA SANAMI Beans. These beans are not picked but are allowed to fall off the plant. QUITE significant taste and...