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The Sensuous Bean

Do you have a question regarding coffee and tea?
  • Want to know how to brew tea and coffee?
  • What's the life of coffee and tea?
  • High acid - Low acid, what does it mean?
  • What about Tannin acid in teas and semi-fermented teas?
  • How do I store coffee - is it different from tea?
At the Sensuous Bean we're ready and able to help you with all your inquiries. Chat with us about your needs or your favroite blends of coffees or teas. Brewing can be easy and diverse with various methods.
  • Come and discover the different varieties of coffee and tea growing regions.
  • Call to discuss your own exclusive blends created especially for you.
We pride ourselves in finding the perfect blend in coffee or tea especially for you.

We also offer "Coffee Clubs" that will set you up for a year, six months or any amount of time you wish. Just ask and the journey to different coffee regions will begin to arrive at your door.

The Sensuous Bean
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